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As you are aware that gas and oil products become vital for a country’s development after industrialization. We cannot imagine living without these things because they are so integral to our lives. It is therefore necessary for a country to supply these goods in the right amounts. The Indian government is aware of the necessity for these goods for both people and companies. As a result, the Indian government created the site in cooperation with the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and the Indian Oil Corporation Limited login.

This post will provide you with comprehensive details about the SDMS portal, including its features, advantages, registration and login procedures, and other important information.

About login is a partnership between Indian Oil Corporation Limited and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas that aims to offer gas and oil services to Indian people and companies. This portal makes it possible for businesses and individuals to locate distributors and dealerships offering gas and oil services. The Sdms Indian portal is governed by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, which enhances its authenticity. There’s a feature on the portal that allows anyone, business or individual, to get the help they need from the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas to get their problems fixed.

Step-by-step to register on

First, let’s discuss who can register on this portal. Then, we’ll talk about the registration process. People who can register on this portal are distributors, dealers, and companies. They work with petrochemicals, natural gas, petroleum, crude oil, and related products. However, it is not accessible to everyone.

The login differs from other similar portals. The registration procedure is very different. The first step is for a person to use the Indian Oil Corporation Limited’s registration portal to get in touch with them and share the business details related to their industry on the official Indian Oil website. These are the necessary elements:

  • Line of Business
  • Industry Category 
  • First Name 
  • Last Name 
  • Account Name
  • Mobile Number 
  • Email Address
  • Designation 
  • Department
  • Address one 
  • Address Two 
  • Zip Code 
  • State
  • District 
  • City
  • Remarks

Next, Indian Oil Corporation Limited continues the application process. They do this after confirming the person’s information. After you submit the necessary documents, registration can take ten to fifteen business days.

Steps to login

The user receives their username and temporary password from Indian Oil Corporation Limited after their verification is complete. Here are the steps to Login on

  • First, visit the official SDMS website.
  • Mention the User ID and temporary password that the IOCL provided.
  • After changing the password, everything is finished.

Some process to reset the password

To reset the password of the Portal is very simple you just need to follow the given below steps:

  • Visit the SDMS portal’s official webpage.
  • Select the option labeled “Forgot Password.”
  • Put the user ID here.
  • Select “CONTINUE.” 

To reset the login password, the SDMC portal provides a website link and to make their accounts more secure, users can also set up 2-step verification using the portal. Therefore, do not reveal the registered mobile number to anyone when changing the account password.

Advantages of SDMS Indian oil portal 

Users of the login can benefit from options offered to both individuals and business owners. The principal advantages of the Sdms Indian are as follows:

  • Helps To Manage Business: Gas and oil can be produced in different ways. As a result, companies once encountered difficulties at work. This portal makes it simple for businesses to handle several gas and oil products at once. Additionally, it lessens the quantity of mistakes and errors. These products are consumed in such large quantities that even a small mistake can result in losses of millions of rupees.
  • One-Stop Solution: This portal allows users to manage all of their gas and oil products from one place. These products are now simple to manage without having to switch between portals. Businesses grow faster and spend less time and effort on them as a result. 
  • Cash Memo:  Cash memos are one of the most important tools for running a successful business. Without physically going there, people can create and transfer cash memos using the SDMC portal.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface:  The features of the well-designed portal are easily navigable even by a novice user. This portal’s advanced features are easily accessed by users thanks to the SDMC user interface.
  • Secure Portal: The portal takes extra precautions to safeguard user data against breaches because it contains private information about different businesses. This is the best platform for oil and natural gas dealers and distributors. It lets them reach a wider audience.
  • Two-Step Verification: Users can also benefit from two-step verification security measures on the SDMC portal. For further protection, users can configure two-step verification on the account.


There are several advantages for both people and companies using the login. It increases the amount of oil and natural gas available to Indian citizens and reduces the number of mistakes made. Businesses who deal in gas and natural gas products and services can sign up on this platform to improve client experience.

In addition, this Sdms Indian oil platform provides enterprises with countless benefits. For instance, they may use the platform and gather everything in one place. They can do this without needing more financial expertise. So, it is the best platform for dealers and distributors of natural gas and oil products in India. It offers its consumers great services.

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