5 Fail-Proof Mixers to Enjoy with Bourbon Whiskey

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Picture this: You’re hosting a gathering, and have graciously designated yourself the maestro of mixology for the night. The focus of your concoctions? The rich, aromatic fusion of a splash of straight whiskey with a medley of mixers. You’re not just pouring any old thing into that fine bourbon; you’re creating a crescendo of flavours that’ll have your guests talking well into their next day off.  Whether you’re a relative newcomer to the hosting circuit or a seasoned socialite looking for some fresh hits, here are five bourbon cocktails that could charm the socks off even the most discerning palates.

The Classics Refined

Bourbon, served neat or with a splash of water, is classic. It’s our first suggestion because it works for many. But for the contemporary narrative, we infuse it with the pop and sizzle of mixers. These are not just ‘any mixers’ – they’re the supporting cast that makes our hero (in this case, the bourbon) shine all the more vividly.

The Boulevardia

Imagine the sophistication of a Manhattan, coupled with the floral twist of an indie movie ending. The Boulevardier is your classic charmer, bourbon with a pour of Campari, and sweet vermouth – it’s a story in every sip.

The Maple Leaf Rascal

This is bourbon’s rugged sidekick, its gruffness sweetened by the gentle whisper of maple syrup and a dash of bitters. Mix them up, and you’ve got a rugged yet amiable Maple Leaf Rascal that’s smooth and sippable.

The Ginger Gatsby

Bourbon’s golden glow is accentuated with a splash of ginger beer in this rendition – a tale of zest and zing that’ll have your taste buds doing the Charleston. Quaint, old-world charm meets peppy, modern flair with every bubbly swig.

The Kentucky Julep

A concoction as old as the south, a mint julep is a timeless smile served over crushed ice, with the bourbon navigating through like a cool breeze. 

Top Tips for Fresh Hosts

Bringing these to your soirée can be as simple as three steps ahead. Understandably, hosting for the first time can be nerve-wracking – similar to sending your child on their first day at a new school. But relax. You’ve got this. And to prove it, here are a few fail-proof tips:

  • Trust the recipes, they’ve been honed over party seasons, much like bourbon itself.
  • Prepare your area like a chef before a cooking show. Have your tools and ingredients ready to whisk and shake.
  • And most importantly, remember, it’s not just about the drinks – it’s about the company. Enjoy it. You’ve brought the crowd-pleasers, and now your night becomes as delightful as your libations.

In the ember-lit world of fine liquor, bourbon has become the rising star in the cabaret of mixers. Its flexibility is second to none, and with these simple yet divine combinations, you’re not just making drinks; you’re making memories. Revel in your newfound hosting prowess, and here’s to many more nights of mirth and mixology.

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