Seven Effective Tips To Write A Promising Fantasy Novel

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Are you someone with a rich imagination and good writing skills? If so, becoming an author in the fantasy genre may be a great path for you. The world of fantasy is limitless where you can stretch the limits of your creativity and reach out beyond. From spinning tales of dragons to the magical elements and mystic elves, nothing is too far-fetched for your fantasy novel. However, this genre also has its own challenges besides letting you enjoy the limitless possibilities of the fantasy fiction world.

Here are some of the best tips you need to promote your fantasy novels:

Build a Detailed World

Writing fantasy novel can be a very exciting yet challenging experience. Most writers have to build their fantasy worlds from scratch. It means that they are responsible for every detail and how it affects their fantasy novel.

Among several factors to consider, make sure to pay attention to climate, traditions, religion, magical elements, and other unique elements you want to incorporate in your fictional world. Remember, this fictional world does not have to be limited by the logic of your world. You are free to think outside the box.

In addition to making notes of all the important factors that complete your fictional world, make sure you also draw a detailed map of this world. A physical map can help you keep track of locations, their distances, and their relationships.

Strengthen Your Plot

Your fantasy world and its character need a strong plot to build on. While planning your plot, the best thing to do is to not rush this process. Remember that the plot and your fantasy world go hand in hand. Both aspects need the same attention to ensure the success of your fantasy novel.

The fantasy world you build should complement the plot and vice versa. For example, if you have created a world with fairies in a strict class structure, you can use this detail in your plot to ensure that the plot is as gripping as the world you have created.

Once you have started a clear beginning, middle, and ending for your plot, you can move on to introduce conflicts and tension points. A strong plot with a well-adjusted pace plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of your fantasy novel.

Empower Your Characters

Fantasy fiction is a wonderful genre that allows you to add as many characters as you need to tell your story. With this opportunity, authors do not feel limited and bring a lot of characters to their stories. While you may know all your characters inside out, you must keep your readers in mind.

Too many characters being introduced right in the beginning can overwhelm the readers. If many characters are absolutely necessary, you must put your best efforts forward to ensure that they are memorable in a unique way.

All characters must have distinct personalities, motivations, and arcs to set them apart from each other. Make them relatable by You can make them relatable by giving them strengths and weaknesses while making their growth over the course of the story evident.

Get Creative with Conflict

A Game of Thrones by RR Martin is one of the most commonly used examples of what a great fantasy novel looks like. From engaging characters to the right pace, it has everything you need to keep the readers turning their pages. Another important factor that this book and every other great fantasy work has is engaging conflicts.

Internal and external conflicts can help you by adding significant details to your novel. These conflicts can challenge your characters and put them in a position to make significant decisions that could progress your story further.

Maintain Believability

Your fictional fantasy world can be built from scratch. It means that you can make whatever you want to happen however you want it to happen. However, your focus must not be limited to impressing the readers with extraordinary details. 

Every world has limitations, yes, that also includes your fictional world. For example, if your world has the concept of illusion, you must define its source, power, and limitations to the reader in order to make it believable. Let the reader know about the limitations of your fantasy world to make it more relatable for them.

You must also use some instances to define the limitations and consequences of using the power of illusion and how it affects your characters and the world around them. This way, the readers will be able to fill in the gaps moving forward with your story.

If you are a beginner at writing fiction novels, you can also draw inspiration from the real world. For example, world cultures, myths, and historical events can add more believability to your fictional world.

Create a Balance

Everything you create for your fictional fantasy world is connected to reality in one way or another. For example, the dragons you may have added to your story could be an improved image of your favourite toy as a child or a character from your favourite TV show.

It can be a great idea to have some inspiration from real life because being rooted in reality also makes your world believable for the readers. You must create a balance between novelty and familiarity by twisting familiar concepts in surprising ways for your readers.

To engage the readers even further, you can also use sensory details and vivid descriptions to bring your world to life. Let your characters communicate with your readers through actions, dialogue, and thoughts rather than explicitly stating them.

Seek Feedback

Once you have completed your manuscript, the next important thing to do is to look for fantasy book editors for hire. Feedback from the right professionals can be key to ensuring the success of your fantasy fiction novel.

A professional fantasy book editor can help you strengthen your characters, refine your dialogue, improve pacing, and eliminate inconsistencies. Their experience-based constructive criticism can help you improve your writing by identifying blind spots and weak areas in your manuscript.

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